Monday, 29 October 2018

It's Only Monday

I am usually bewildered after the clocks go back.  I am also usually bewildered when bear is on holiday.  To be honest, bewildered is a standard description of my state of mind.  So I took the bins to their new collection place a day early and bewildered the nice man next door. 

Bear's initial appointment for the dentist was today, but was brought forward to last Friday.  So when I got the phone call from the dentist I thought that they had got bewildered.  However they had had a cancellation so did bear want to come along to the dentist now, at half term when nothing important was happening, instead of November 14th when it would have involved getting taxis back from his school to make the trip on time.  I said an emphatic, 'yes!'

Bear was awesome at the dentist.  He told them he was nervous, but did as he was told, charmed the dentist's assistant and generally was a credit to me.  Bless him, he waited until he got home until he fell apart.  He told me that it hurt!  As it was a fortnight before I expected, I didn't have custard or jelly ready and bear was unimpressed at my forward planning.  So we hung out, chatted and generally relaxed.  Bear managed pizza for dinner, so he wasn't too bad.  It could have all been a lot worse, but while bear was the one who suffered, I still felt a little flattened afterwards.

Tomorrow is another chill day.  Bear has a significant amount of homework to do over the holidays, so he can deal with that, and I can have a quick tidy and we can put up some Halloween decorations.  I still haven't been good at being grown up, but tomorrow needs to include a call about boiler insurance (again!) and I want to go through all the saved tabs on my bookmark bar. 

btw some Glade candles are on sale at Tesco at the moment, at half price, £2 instead of £4.  One or two may have been added to the delivery tomorrow. 

Writing stuff - we're coming to the end of Timothy Bateson's 31 Days of Halloween, but there are two book spotlights and a chilling short story since I last posted.  I'm in awe of him organising it. 

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