Tuesday, 30 October 2018

I Fail at Mum

I made rice as part of dinner and bear shouldn't have rice just yet.  I had completely failed at remembering that, and dished it up with some chicken.

Bear is actually doing okay, and is almost eating normally.  He polished off the custard after dinner with a certain gusto.  I have also encouraged him to eat grapes all day.  He seems to be taking it all in his stride.  I also failed when it came to getting him to do the homework.  He has a real pile of it, and I do not want the inevitable mental collapse on Sunday with him having to do it all in one go.

wherethejourneytakesme - I am totally up for that!  I meant to post that yesterday, but yesterday I was not firing on all cylinders. 

I was woken early this morning by more bin nonsense.  I went outside to take photos for something I was planning to write (still working on it) and next door but one stuck her head out of the windows to ask what was going on.  Apparently the banging and clattering I heard at stupid o'clock was the council taking the extra large, commercial size dumpster type bins that the flats used and replacing them with individual bins.  Dragging a large dumpster up the slope would be considered unreasonable, so instead each flat get their own individual cardio work out.  Slope, if you remember, is this...

DH was supposed to be picking up his new lease car today.  I'm not sure about lease cars versus cars bought outright, but he is the one who will be driving it, and it is completely affordable.  However it seems that even brand new cars can go wrong and it got taken to the garage before it even reached DH.  I feel for DH, and I truly admire him.  He is dealing with all the different cars and carrying on driving them and just getting on with it.  The car people provided taxis for tonight and tomorrow morning so he could get to and from work and he should be getting another courtesy car until the required part turns up. 

This means that DH will have driven far too many different types of car in a short time, and he's doing okay.  Since the 23 August he has driven a Ford Fusion (our car, 'Blue', that we lost in the crash), a Vauxhall Astra ('Steve', the courtesy car from the insurance), a Renault ('Geoff', a hire car when the insurance was sorted out but the lease car hadn't arrived until he went to the Netherlands), A Hyundai ('Keith', the hire car he picked up after the Netherlands), and now he will get another courtesy car until his is fixed.  In other words, he will have accidentally set off the windscreen wipers in four separate cars between our car in August and his car when it finally turns up.  I have total respect for him!

Writing stuff - Last but one day of 31 Days of Halloween with a Teaser from Wolves in the Desert  And I'll add the link to Glass and Ashes, an anthology that I'm lucky to be a part of and which is out on 15 November

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