Sunday 14 October 2018

Tootling On

Today has happened.  I have survived a Saturday.  I'm taking it as a win.

Bear has had a lot of homework set, so I have been encouraging him while I myself have had the concentration of a kitten in a feather factory.  I'm currently considering more vegetarian recipes after hearing about the climate change report and how eating less meat can make a difference.  DH also is muttering about guests staying here in January, and I can't let them come without getting the place decorated.  However I am not making any major changes or pushing major works until I've passed my driving test and the pressure has eased up.  Still, we had a frittata tonight with the mushrooms and peppers left over from DH's pizza, together with some onions and potatoes with a few olives chopped in.  Bear practically inhaled it.

Writing stuff - All sorts of stuff is going on in the October Frights and the link to lots of lovely writing, giveaways and such is here.   I have a small, reprinted piece of flash fiction here.  Today in 31 days of Halloween there is a book spotlight on Rheia, by Cassandra Page, which sounds really awesome.  And finally, an instalment of the White Hart is here.  I shall be glad when October is over and things quieten down!  

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