Tuesday 2 August 2022

I Took Pics

Bless - thank you. I feel utterly hugged.

Sharon - thank you. The hugs are incredibly welcome. The bathroom is likely to take twice as long as predicted. Sigh.

I went to Tesco today with the main purpose to visit a non-wobbling loo. At least the petrol gauge has dropped. I filled it up on Saturday and it didn't seem to stop. In the past, when I've filled the car right up, it auto shuts off. It didn't on Saturday and in the end I stopped pumping. The petrol gauge showed as 'so full it's like I've eaten two Christmas dinners' full. DH and I between us put on around 50 miles between us before today and it only moved from 'utterly stuffed' this morning. I was relieved.  

I took some pics of the bathroom. It may look small. That's because the bathroom is around 180cm or 5ft10ins square, give or take.

The toilet is finally in the correct place. There will be a radiator installed on the opposite side to the bath, together with a very small sink.

I wasn't sure about the tile board. It doesn't have any grooves, it's just printed on, but I think that it looks fine and it will be easier to clean. Bear doesn't like it. It's going to be a long summer.

I'm not sure about the gold foil underneath the bath, but it's too big to be a chocolate bar wrapper, so it is probably for something or other. You can also see the new floor as well. It's nice.

The berries have come on the fuchsia so I thought I would get a pic or two before he sparrows got them all. I was staring out of the window earlier as I waited for the plumber and a sparrow flew straight into the window, bounced off and carried on as if nothing had happened. Those sparrows have hard heads. 

My pics don't do justice to how lovely and juicy they look. I'm still not making jam with them. My track record with things like boiling sugar isn't good. I'll let the sparrows enjoy. 

Also, the roofer that came this morning said that we needed a new roof. Here is a pic from a few days ago. Please note that the man never came near our roof space.

We don't need a new roof. Getting the damage from the feathered fiends repaired may take some time. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. The bathroom is going to look really nice when it's finished! The fuchsia looks lovely with all those berries. The birds are going to love them. Once in a while a bird flies into a window here. Have never seen a dead one from doing it. I think sometimes they are a little stunned, but nothing more - thankfully!

  2. Your fuchsia bush is gorgeous!
    I think that, once the bathroom is finished, Bear will change his mind and like it. :) Oh, I do hope that you don't need a new roof! Hopefully, you can find someone to fix that one tile that the pigeons used and that will be that!