Tuesday 30 August 2022

Panic Buying

Sharon - it's all good now. This should be the last year that bear is in school uniform, so finger's crossed I don't end up having to get new stuff in the middle of the year.

Cherie - I wouldn't be at all surprise if we had a few outages over winter. I've just checked, and my stock of candles is uncharacteristically low - great excuse for a shopping trip!

Eileen - thank you. I really recommend Derren Brown. I can't put too much, as it would give away a lot of the show and spoil surprises, but it was so much fun!

Bless - I think that I'm definitely going to have to use some form of meditation. Thank you.

Deborah - I've done my time washing double duvets in the bath and never again! Mine is probably okay for a year or two yet, but I'm keeping an eye on it. 

Dormouse - I keep a load of different 'funnies' saved, so that I can cheer myself up whenever I'm sinking. This is another of my favourites here.

Wherethejourneytakesme - I'm saving that advice. And the foam was hilarious. 

I'm feeling a lot better. I called in at Aldi and bought some solar powered lamps. They're meant for the garden, but they should charge on the windowsill and give enough light to watch the stairs if the power goes out at night.

Here's the result of my panic buying.

They weren't very expensive. I doubt that they'll be any good to knit by, but they should stop us tripping over things. 

Here's the only pic I remembered to take when we went to see Derren Brown (seriously recommend it!)

It shows the grand theatre and my complete inablity to allow for lighting.

We had a leak yesterday from the bathroom. The man came out today to sort it, thank goodness, but I'm seriously sick of something that should have been finished a month ago. A pic or two from there.

Writing stuff - nothing much to report, but another of the series of articles about research is on the Three Furies website here

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I like the idea of stocking up on solar powered lights! I'm going to look into something like that for my own house!
    Sorry to hear about a leak in the new bathroom! Glad they were able to repair it right away!

  2. I like your Aldi lamps. Fortunately I have a good supply of candles and a couple of battery operated lamps so hope I will be okay for lighting in the event of any power cuts. I just need to work out a way of having hot drinks and meals now!

    Your bathroom looks lovely. It's frustrating about the leak but at least they sorted it out quickly.

  3. Here in France energy prices have been capped - but things are still going up in price. I follow Mr FD round the house turning off lights - "they're LEDs" he says "They still use electricity" I retort. Your solar power lights are a good idea for those times when you don't need a strong or a directed light.