Tuesday 9 August 2022

Not the Right Kind of Chaos

You are all awesome. 

I plan to properly catch up tomorrow with all the lovely people I follow, the awesome people who comment and just in general. I apologise for not getting to it sooner.

I don't mind a certain amount of chaos. If nothing else, it means that there's a good story there. However it's a little too much for me at the moment.

I'm still quite achy, so not exactly feeling like dashing around like a mad thing. The weather is not helping (33C or 91F in the car this evening). However I really need to be dashing around like a mad thing. 

Bathroom is still not finished and we are in the third week. The bathroom is not vast, sprawling acres of tilework and intricate pipework with complicated fittings. It's the length of the bath plus about the same across. There is a toilet, a small sink, a bath with a shower over it and that's it. They aren't even tiling it - it's tile panels, and I am weary of stuff being everywhere. That includes the first bathroom sink that they brought which is almost bigger than the bath and sitting in the middle of my living room. They are waiting on more tile board and they don't know when that will come in. I have no idea when I'll see them next. 

All the stuff from the bathroom has been distributed over the house. Stuff from the kitchen has been partly sorted/tidied/thrown but also has been distributed as the boiler was serviced yesterday. Then there was a leak and the carpet is definitely stuffed. Today, stuff that I should have sorted from the living room has been distributed as well as stuff from the dining room that was in front of the gas meter as I had the gas fire serviced. I'm starting to twitch. Add that I've been dragging out all sorts of washing from obscure corners and the heap that is my washing pile in the kitchen is emphatic. 

I wasn't meant to have the fire serviced today. I was supposed to be catching up on some work for Three Furies Press (who are awesome!). However I got a call which meant that I was hoicking boxes and bags everywhere so that they had space to do the service (despite the humungous sink sitting there). 

This meant that my plans for dinner went out of the window so DH and bear had fish and chips, and I believe that they very much enjoyed it. 

I nipped out to pick up some bits, but didn't see much that I wanted. 

I'm going to have to prune the fuchsia. It's taking over the garden and overhanging the path. It's currently full of bees and sparrows, though, so I think that I shall wait for a rainy night. The way that the weather is going, that may be in October. 

To be honest, all the chaos isn't a bad thing. I'm looking at things now and asking myself - do I really want this? Why do I want it? Can it be easily replaced? I don't have the mental strength at the moment to sell on eBay, and a lot of stuff isn't worth pennies, so I imagine that I will be getting rid of a lot of stuff - I mean, lots and lots and lots! The house is stuffed and it has to be cleared, especially if we are getting more work done. We need new electrics and new central heating radiators. To do the work for that needs space. I'm making a decision to keep nothing 'just in case'. I have too much stuff, and most of it doesn't have a home. It needs to find a home or I need to get rid of it. 

Now I am going to get an early night as I have an appointment at the doctor's surgery tomorrow (routine appointment with nurse, the results from the biopsy won't be for at least another week. Mind you, I opted to be contacted by letter and the Royal Mail are likely to go on strike, so who knows). 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Your fuchsia is amazing! I love how you are taking advantage of stuff being pulled out to do some decluttering! Good luck with that and, also, with the appointment with the nurse, tomorrow. :)