Thursday 11 August 2022

Weather Continues

Sharon - by the end of the day I feel like I could be scraped down! I do not approve. The weather should break Monday or Tuesday, though.

Bless - I managed to get there and back, but I checked on Google maps and the distance is around 500 yards or less. You can see the surgery clearly from my bedroom window. A few years ago, particularly before I passed my driving test, walking even ten yards out of my house was beyond me if it wasn't for bear. I would be almost hysterical. Now I'm better at getting out. Sometimes it's good to celebrate the achievements. 

But today, there have been no achievements. It has been far too warm. I'll be complaining about the cold before you know it, but right now, it's too hot.

I haven't taken any pics so I'll pic one from the past.

The image is from 22 June 2018 and is really just a short cut between light industrial units and waste ground, but it looks deceptively enchanting. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hope you are staying cool during your hot weather. We are at 96F/35C right now (2:30 p.m.) but the forecast says it will go up to 98F/36C, today. I've plopped myself down in front of the fan for the afternoon! :D

  2. You won't be the only one complaining about the cold when the temperature drops. I'll be doing that too! There seems to only be a very small range where I am comfortable with the temperature so I am very difficult to please!

    I hope your bathroom is completed soon and am praying for a good result from the biopsy. xx

  3. It really is warm isn't it. I'm getting a lovely suntan though and my lily white legs are now a nice honey brown. It'll be good to see the rain arrive next week though. It's lovely and lush green here but I know it's not that way further south.