Monday 8 August 2022

Still Doing Okay

They spilled something next to me during the biopsy which has left me feeling dreadful for the last few days.

Bathroom chaos continues.

We had a boiler service today which mean it was repressurised which meant, in turn, that a pipe in the bathroom sprung a leak. We will need a new ceiling in the living room if this continues.

We still haven't heard from the roofer. 

Bear has been revising.

The house looks in utter chaos as everything is everywhere, and it's going to continue to be crazy as I am getting the living room fire serviced on Thursday. I mean, what else can go wrong? 

You are all awesome.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Sorry that you still aren't feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. Take care and be kind to yourself x

  2. Sounds like you've a lot on your plate, right now! Hope it eases up a bit, soon!