Friday 12 August 2022

Out of Sorts

Cherie - I hide from the sun! I always have. But it's nice to know that it's out there in moderation. I'm really looking forward to the rain!

Eileen - thank you for your prayers. I think that there are two days per year when I'm comfortable, but I think I perfer the cold because then I can put on extra layers. 

Bless - the local weather here is forecast to get near the low 90sF (32/33C) and I do not approve! My home is designed to soak up all the sun and trap the heat - very necessary for normal British weather. I'm sure that I'll appreciate it more in December lol! 

This morning the plumber turned up. This was something of a surprise and if he had been ten minutes earlier, I would have been in my nightie. No-one needs to see that! Half of the stress of this wouldn't happen if they just told us something! And apparently the plumber doing the work hadn't heard about me asking for a grab rail - that the boss had repeatedly confirmed would be fitted. And there are bits of window and door frame all over. I'm not a happy bunny. The two men are lovely people, and I've no concerns about the quality of their work, but I am very unlikely to recommend them. That is, if they ever finish the dratted thing. 

As it was, when he arrived I was re-reading the letter from the Breast Clinic that came this morning. I asked to be notified of the results by letter. This is because I don't feel like trailing out to the clinic unless necessary, especially with Covid still being an issue, but I don't take information in well when hearing it. I prefer to read it. Besides, I don't want bear to overhear anything. The letter was telling me that I have had a telephone conversation booked for me next Friday. 

Of course my imagination is working furiously. My imagination always does. It never stops. Now it has something else to work on instead of ghosts in a medieval fantasy castle (I'm working on a sequel to King's Silver). I would rather deal with pretend ghosts. If I have asked for the results in a letter, but they book a phone call, that doesn't sound like good news. On the other hand, they stated in their letter to the GP that I had had skin cancer on my leg and I haven't. I've had very non-serious skin cancer on my nose, but nowhere near my leg. I do not have much faith in their ability to keep records. Mind you, if it was serious, it would be for right now, or they would just call. I could do without naff raffing about this.

And it isn't even lunchtime yet.

No pics, so another one from the past. This is one of ice on the inside of my windscreen, as I feel the need for something cooler.

And here is a quiz where you have to identify the food that the cats are dressed as. I have never seen so many felines plotting revenge in one place. I don't know what they're going to do, but it will be dreadful.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I can understand that it's worrying that the letter didn't give the assurance that the biopsy results were fine so I hope the telephone consultation does exactly that. xx

  2. Sending hugs your way. It has to be worrying.

  3. Oh, I do hope that the phone consultation will be reassuring that all is well. Whatever the outcome is, know that you will be able to handle it. I am sending you good wishes and hugs.