Friday 6 January 2023

And Then It's Friday

Bless - thank you! and thank you for the tip about freezing onions. The frozen ones I get are almost exactly twice the price of the fresh ones, but the frozen ones are already peeled and have less waste. I am also rubbish at chopping onions and never seem to get them as small or even. The maths goes - normal onions are around £1 per kilo. Really cheap onions where you will perhaps lose a quarter of the weight after peeling are 55p per kilo. Frozen onions are £2 per kilo. I think that I will experiment a little and see how it goes. Going over the numbers like that makes me rethink things. After all, I already freeze chopped mushrooms and that works fine for me.

I'm not worried about chopping a load of onions. Back in the early 1980s I had a summer job that had me chopping a very large net of onions every morning. It didn't make me an expert as they wanted it done quickly and quite roughly, to fry at the hot dog stand. For years afterwards I was never affected by chopping onions as I had got immune, and even now I can usually get through a lot before I'm affected. 

It was dark when we left the house this morning at 7am, but that robin was perched on the fence giving it heck as it was claiming the territory. Because I actually saw the assertive avian, I could put it together with the birdsong that had been rattling the windows at 3am when it sounded like there was a feathered dispute. Because we are next to a street light, I think the birds are awake longer and this robin was not holding back. I didn't get a pic, so I found this on WikiCommons

I guess our bird feeder is a good patch to claim. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Maybe you can experiment a bit with the onions and see how it works out. Onion peels, as long as they are not mouldy, etc., can be used when making soup stock; that might minimize some of the waste. Or, you could compost them to add to the garden.
    Oh, I wonder if you'll have a robin nesting in your garden, this spring? Wouldn't that be fun?

  2. Before reading this I'd already ordered a load of onions to be delivered on Sunday. I want to get them all chopped up and frozen in useful sized packs for those one-off single portion meals I sometimes make. I was doing this purely for convenience and hadn't considered it from a reducing waste point of view so thanks for pointing out that side of things.

  3. Have you tried hand feeding the Robin. The can be surprisingly tame.