Wednesday 18 January 2023

What Day Is It?

Bless - thank you!

Sharon - us complaining about the snow must seem silly to you considering  you have the proper cold stuff. My car isn't too bad, but she really doesn't like the cold and she has been incredibly creaky the last few days. I personally would consider a tie appropriate but I didn't even bother mentioning it to bear.

Aileen - always glad to hear someone passing by. I'm incredibly flattered that anyone reads this. I don't really know anyone that fits that bill. My brother is the other male role model and he's in his fifties and goes for comfort over style. But that is incredibly good advice and I'll have a think.

The rear window this morning looked like this.

So not too bad. The roads we take are main roads and well gritted, and it's not too bad really. It's just uncomfortably cold getting it sorted. I could do with some driving gloves as the handbrake was icy

I have got so many different things going around my mind at the moment. I've signed up to Substack in a moment of madness. It's a sort of blogging/newsletter/info site that I'm still trying to understand. I may be able to get some money through there one day, but that's a way off. First of all I have to work out what on earth I'm doing there. I'm not charging people to see me make an idiot of myself. That's always been free. 

My favourite yarn site is marked 'under maintenance'. Marriners Yarns have been in existence since the 18th century. As far as I can tell, their parent company has gone into Administration. I hope that someone buys that side of the firm. They had sheep and had just started posting crochet tutorials on YouTube. It was looking really dynamic.

Bear has a lot going on. They are raising money to subsidise their prom and he's supposed to be helping organise the sale of roses in school for Valentine's Day. And he has a computing thing tomorrow which is sort of important. I've got a gazillion and four writing things whirling around my mind. I lie down to sleep and my mind goes into overdrive with worry over clean shirts, what's for dinner and plot lines. I've got visits and appointments and deadlines all spinning around. I think I will just get through this week and then block out next Monday to try and work out what the heck is going on. 

This comes under writing stuff, but when I get this overwhelmed, my mind goes all over the place. 

My thoughts on that are over on my writing blog here. I sometimes think that my imagination shouldn't be let out without adult supervision.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It's sad to see so many businesses closing down. I hope Marriners Yarns can be saved ... I think my sister buys from them and she will be disappointed like you. Good luck with getting all your writing stuff sorted out xx

  2. I loved the post about the vampires and their laundry. I think they'd want to get the blood stains out, unless they are the type to wear the blood stains as a badge of their accomplishments! :D

  3. That looks very frosty! It does sound like there is a lot going on for everyone. I can't believe it's almost Bear's prom. Yikes.

  4. It seems no time at all that you were having driving lessons. I remember every little driving success you had. Doesn't time pass by so fast.