Thursday 19 January 2023

Bear Continues Awesome

Eileen - Thank you. I hope that Marriners Yarns can be saved. I think that the sixth form interviews were about firstly managing expectations in kids and parents, and secondly trying to persuade the more able ones to stay at the school. There is a lot of competition from a sixth form college in Huddersfield.

Sharon - I know! He's sixteen now and taller than me. 

Cherie - I still am holding out hope that he'll go in looking half decent. I've seen a picture of the principal and he is wearing a bow tie. I'm not sure that I'm ready for bear in a bow tie. As for the driving, I passed my test in March 2019, nearly four years ago! Now I'm zooming about all over the place. 

Aileen - you are a genius. I spoke to my brother who suggested that bear look up stuff on the psychology of interviews and what to wear. I passed this on to bear who looked thoughtful.

I called in at Tesco this morning. 

The narrow wavy track is me. I need to work on my steering.

Bear attended the headmaster's breakfast this morning. It is a small pastry, a carton of juice and a lot of praise. I think it was around thirty from their year, and they all got a lot of encouragement from it. I am so proud of bear. It all seems to be happening for him at the moment. He has two more interviews coming up and something to do with computers. 

Writing stuff - today I recorded a podcast with Hidden Bookshelf Club which should hopefully air on 26 Jan. I'll share the link when it comes out. They were lovely to speak with, really kind and fun.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I've never been called a genius before! The advice was borne out of my experience with my 2 very opinionated. determined kids who, when they were teenagers, would automatically dismiss anything I or their father suggested. After all, we were the older generation and what did we know? Quite often though they would come round to what we had suggested (but denying that they had ever heard us suggest it) if it came from someone else, especially a more "glamorous" person. At nearly 41 my daughter will now occasionally tell me that she wishes she had listened to something I had said but she still does her own thing.

  2. If the wavy line is from pushing a supermarket trolley, then I'm quite impressed as they have a mind of their own!

    Well done to Bear. He really is doing well and it's good to see the school acknowledging that. x