Tuesday 31 January 2023

Dark and Stormy

Cherie - I'm so proud of bear. I look at him sometimes and wonder where I went right. 

Ruth - thank you! I'm glad you liked the Kane stories. I admit to a soft spot for Kane and I've been wondering about setting him up with a girlfriend for a while. I think I would like to make it into a proper novel, though, or even a series, because I think that he has a lot of stories to tell, he's such a sweetie and the ghosts are so difficult! Feel free to remind me as I have a lot of ideas and projects flying around at the moment and it's easy for things to slip under the radar.

Eileen - I'm keeping everything crossed for bear. I've been rummaging around my freezer and making room. I think I've got enough space to stock up on some frozen chicken. As far as I can tell, the offer of 5 for the price of 4 at Tesco is valid until 13th February, and I am seriously thinking of either eating my way through a load of the veggies that have been hanging around or just throwing out the sad remnants at the back of the freezer that I won't use. Being able to save 20% on the expensive stuff is a great incentive for me to really look closely at what's in the freezer and whether I would use it. By the way, the cashier said that they are only allowed to give the offer for 10 items at a time. I spaced mine out, so that five of each price point was rung separately through to get the best deal, so I wasn't affected. You may have to do more than one transaction if you commit.

Sharon - thank you - I'm so proud of him as well!

Bless - thank you so much. I'm keeping everything crossed.

Unknown - you wrote, 'This is incredibly boring. Do you have a life beyond Bear?' I think you missed the groundbreaking, earthshattering news of the 5 for the price of 4 on all frozen stuff at Tesco! There is also supermarket shopping! Seriously, my life is pretty dull, and I'm okay with that. In a few years time, bear will leave home and my life will get even quieter, and at my time of life, that's not a bad thing.

Poor bear is still overloaded with homework. He managed to get the 19 items down to 14 by today, but it's still incredibly overwhelming. He's planning on taking advantage of the strike action tomorrow to catch up with that and the revision. 

I've spent a lot of the last few days editing The Forgotten Village which was the first novel I've published. There were sooooo many commas, but a lot of the accepted style has changed since I published it in 2012. Back in those days, you put two spaces after a full stop or period, but now the convention is for one space. That took some checking! I used 'find and replace' that did most of the heavy lifting, but so much needed sorting and I re-wrote a few segments. I've ordered a professional cover for ebook and paperback, so it will be available in paperback form for the first time. When it's all set up in a few days, I put it as a free ebook, so watch this space. I've started on its sequel, Digging up the Past. I've also promised to record a podcast where people discuss horror movies. This is somewhat ironic as I find a lot of them too scary, but I think it will be fun and I know the people involved - who are awesome! I have three pieces I also need to get written, the editing to the sequel to King's Silver and the sequel to Under a Bright Saharan Sky to get sorted. Then things should settle down a bit and I should be able to catch up. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Oh, wow! How sad that Unknown found your blog post to be boring! Have you noticed that the rudest people are either Unknown or Anonymous? Some of us find your blog posts to be very interesting and not the slightest bit boring and we enjoy hearing about bear!

  2. I'm glad Bear got through his interview and had good feedback re his chances of getting in. Even if he doesn't, it's all good experience. I was interested to read of the comment by "Unknown". Maybe it's just me but I enjoy reading about the real, everyday lives of various bloggers. If I want drama and thrills I can read a book or watch a film (and I do love a good thriller) but I get bored with the "exciting" lives of some "celebrities" who seem to lurch from one crisis to another and are splashed all over the papers. Some people seem to feel they are missing out if their lives aren't full of challenge and "doing" and good luck to them. Personally I am quite happy just "being". Apologies for the extravagant use of quotation marks - my English teacher would be appalled.

  3. Hazel (witchhazel)1 February 2023 at 16:00

    The troll comment made me chuckle. I was tempted to comment back and say "Do you have a life beyond commenting on blogs you find boring?", but I've got better things to do (lol, like writing this).

    Definitely get rid of anything in your freezer that you know you aren't going to use. And try and use the stuff that's been there the longest, even if you end up replacing it. I found it helpful to keep stuff in bags in the chest freezer (bag for life bags) so it makes it easier to find things, and easier to get to the things at the bottom. Everything is ready sorted, so all I need to do is find the right bag (rather than wading through many many individual items).

  4. Your response to Anonymous/Unknown was excellent. There is nothing boring about your blog at all. Far from it, your sense of humour and your love and pride in Bear shines through at all time. Just keep on in the same vein especially with the added excitement of shopping bargains as well please xx

  5. Yikes how rude that comment was! There is always the option not to read. I consider my blog sort of like an online diary. I really enjoy reading your blog.