Thursday 12 January 2023

Another Shopping Fail

Sharon - thank you. I am concerned about what a squirrel could manage if it got in. 

Cherie - I dread to think what a squirrel could do. I've heard so many horror stories.

Bless - thank you. I was tempted to try the banana blossom vegan fish, but I was fairly sure that it wouldn't be gluten free and, besides, I had already put on such a show with all the reversing that I didn't have the courage to go in! I had an internet rummage and found this recipe here but I don't think I'll be trying it. 

Eileen - we now have a computer thingy competition and the applications for sixth form in the mix as well. He's doing okay, considering. Today's wildlife havoc was a blackbird going past my ankle at around Mach2 when I got out of the car after the morning school run. I thought I was pass out from shock. At least a sparrow hasn't flown into the window recently. I rather envy the local wildlife's attitude to life, to be honest.

A while ago I bought some yarn that I absolutely didn't need but it was 99p and was basically enough yarn for a hat, furry bobble included. It needs 4mm needles. I have some 4mm needles but they are caught up in one of the myriad unfinished projects and I was thinking about upgrading from the rather poor bamboo-and-cheap-plastic, I ordered some 4mm from Amazon. But I got it wrong. I wanted circular 100cm long 4mm needles. Instead I clicked on the 25cm long. That's about 10 inches. 

This is completely inadequate for practically anything that I'm likely to knit. I can't believe that I wasted my money. It wasn't huge amounts, but these days it all makes a difference. I know I can return it, but it seems a little dishonest that the shop should be out because I messed up. I plan to keep it as a reminder to check the dratted details When it came today, I could have cried. Instead I dug under the bed and found the straight needles my mother used and got out a pair of needles from there. I don't like using straights as my track record for losing the other needle is quite impressive.

When I was checking everything on Amazon, I noticed that they had some impressive circular needles with a metal cord. I thought that they would make excellent garottes - as a writer, my search history does not bear looking at. I may need a character statement.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Thank you for the link to the banana blossom "fish" recipe! I am almost tempted to try it! Maybe you can use your new circular knitting needle to knit some socks! My mother liked to use circular knitting needles, but, I prefer the straight needles. :)

  2. I admit that I would return the needles and re-order the correct size. Returns are free so the cost of that is built into the pricing somewhere and I'd take advantage of that.

    Your comment about them making excellent garottes made me laugh! xx