Wednesday 11 January 2023

Away with the Fairies

Today I had a Covid booster after two hours sleep and around 2 litres of diet cola that was meant to keep me awake enough to drive bear to school and me to the clinic. This means that I am somewhat out of it. I tried to hang my keys up on the light switch. 

I haven't got a pic but I parked near the pharmacy where the clinic was held in one of the smallest, least practical, worst designed miniature car parks I have ever had the misfortune to suffer. I swear that there are living rooms bigger than the space outside the pharmacy, mini Sainsburys and Fish & Chip shop. The fish and chip shop had a number of notices in the window. It sold Vegan fried fish, that is, banana flower. It also sold deep fried mars bars. The notices were next to each other. I didn't feel able to take a pic, though, as the staff had just watched me make a 347 point turn to get into the space. For added embarassment, the gear stick wouldn't go into reverse again but then worked fine after I was suitably mortified.

I told bear to get the bus home as I didn't think that I was safe to drive. He didn't get home till near 6pm instead of just after 4pm and I felt desperately guilty. School have not helped. Today I got a cryptic email saying that all pupils who have a school sweater should wear one tomorrow, or at least a vest. Bear refuses to wear sweaters and I haven't got him into a vest since primary school. He hasn't even got the right sized white t-shirt. Buying anything is tricky as I have the directional capability of a helium balloon. I got less than 24 hours notice and I am unimpressed. 

Here is a pic from WikiCommons of the vegan fish banana blossom thing, served in Hackney

And now I am off for an early night.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hope you get some rest and the covid booster doesn't affect you too much. Better to have Bear take the bus than drive when you're not feeling right. Take care!

  2. We make a curry with banana blossoms, but, I've never seen one battered and deep fried as a fish substitute! Very interesting!

    I hope you have no side effects from the booster and will feel fine, tomorrow. Take it easy.