Tuesday 3 January 2023

Happy New Year

Ranee - I'm sorry. My mind has been elsewhere.

Thank you for all the kind comments. I'll be catching up with blogs as I go, but I hope that you all had wonderful, calm, joyous holidays. I, of course, completely failed to take any pics, but it was good.

Bear was back at school today and the homework has already started to pile up. I am now buying him mens sizes in everything, and he has requested new shirts. I winced a little as his current shirts fit him around the chest but are getting short on him, so I said fine and we can always dye them black for summer wear. Bear gave me a Look and told me that he would just wear a t-shirt, which is fair enough. Three shirts will probably last out until his exams in June, with luck.

I think bear had a good holiday. I certainly did. He was happy with the goodies he got and particularly happy with the money that I put in his cards. The days of wrapping individual sweeties have long since gone. I got some wonderful candles that made me particularly happy. They will make me feel hugged for a long time. DH got audio books, which are surprisingly fiddly to buy, along with some other bits.

The food was good as well. There isn't too much left in the Christmas goodies box, apart from turkish delight which I rather overdid. I'm pleased about that as it means that I didn't get too much, well, not as bad as it could be. We had steak for Christmas with all the trimmings and it was perfect.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and get a pic of the squirrel that is regularly waddling across to the bird feeder. Wish me luck as it is remarkably spry despite its width. Of course, the bulldogs next door but one don't help as they are always barking at it. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Happy New Year to you - sounds like you had a good Christmas and that Bear has had a growing spurt. When dresses got too short for girls they used to inset a band around the skirt near the bottom to lengthen them - you could do Bear's old shirts and start a new fashion!!

  2. Glad that you had a lovely holiday season. I know how it is when children end up in adult clothes. My sons are both over six foot and grew quickly. When they got to be teenagers it was especially difficult to find shoes for them as their sizes were larger than most of the men's shoes sold in the shops. It was the same for daughter with her feet. No big sized shoes for young girls. Sigh.

    I love candles. They make me feel lovely especially in winter.

  3. Happy New Year, Lyssa. Glad you all had a good holiday season. :)

  4. Happy New year to you all. You'll be shocked at how quickly Bear turns into a man in the next few years. Cherish every moment and make loads of memories. Xx