Friday 13 January 2023


Eileen - I suppose so. I feel guilty about messing people about. And having a writer's mind is entertainment in itself!

Bless - I'm a convert to circular, but I think that there's a place for all tools. They are so small though! I suppose it's socks all the way with them.

I'm not convinced that straights are for me. I feel like I could accidentally do damage with the free ends. They feel so pokey. 

Today has been a good day. I was concentrating on the sequel to King's Silver which is provisionally titled Castle Viberg. I was at the end, rattling out the final stages of the conflict with all the tension and threat I could manage, when half way through a sentance I realised that I had to get out now if I wanted to pick up the trousers I'd ordered for bear from Marks and Spencer then I would have to leave that very minute. I shot out of the house and drove down the ring road like Boudicea. He still hasn't tried them on, and I'm on pins. They are his first pair of men's trousers and I hope that I got the right fit.

I managed to start the hat while I was waiting for bear. I hope to finish it if I work at it this weekend as it looks like it's going to be cold next week and I could use it.

Bear has a date for his interview for the fancy new sixth form college. Discussions have started about what he has to wear. The letter says that he shouldn't be in uniform but should dress appropriately. I say that means proper trousers. Bear is holding out for jeans. Negotiations are ongoing. 

I never had to jump through these hoops back in the 1980s. Bear has had to provide a personal statement and will go for an interview which includes an interview, an aptitude test and a session solving maths problems with a teacher. He's quite nervous about the interviews but looking forward to the maths. Mind you, next week we have an interview for a place at school, just in case. I just hope that it goes okay. And bear is dealing with it all. It was all done by parents in my day, but all the emails are going to bear and he's the one completing all the statements, getting documents together and sending stuff in. We have to sign consent forms for a few bits, but it's all on bear to work through it.

Writing stuff - Castle Viberg is now in with the editor. I may or may not have poured an extremely generous rum and cola, but I have already opened one of the stories I'm working on for the collection of slightly darker short stories. Some are from my writing blog, but I'm determined to make sure that there's some good new stuff in there. That should be sorted soon, and then I'm re-editing some old favourites so that I can start getting them into a cycle of there being one of my self published books free every month. I've got quite a few bits of writing stuff going on and I'll share when I can, but I'm desperate to get things moving quickly. 

Hugs and good health to all.  


  1. Congratulations on getting your book off to the editor! I hope the rest of the process to have it published goes smoothly.
    Good luck to bear with the interviews. I'm sure he'll do well. :)
    Hope you can complete your new hat this weekend.

  2. So glad you had a good day! The writing seems to be coming along nicely.

    So exciting for Bear. I remember all those worries about further education and such. My daughter ended up going to University in another city and it was really kind of scary. She worked hard enough and planned things out that she was able to get accepted into the school that she really wanted to go to. It was a great experience for her - scary for me! My sons went to the university in town so that wasn't so bad lol. Of course, my daughter was always the one who wanted to spread her wings - she ended up moving 600+ miles away lol

  3. Hope it all works out for Bear, It's completely different now isn't it. I never had to write personal statements thankfully, they came in long after I'd completed my education. It made me smile that he is nervous about the interview side of things but looking forward to solving maths problems with a teacher! I wish home good luck with all his various applications.

  4. We were on the road from Birstall to Red Brick Mill Friday late afternoon - looked out for you but didn't spot you - so many speed cameras on that road isn't there had to really concentrate. good luck to bear x


  5. re Bears college interview you should look at the dress code for students and he should dress to that standard as a minimum.My local school says business clothes only.