Sunday 30 July 2023

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that I resisted buying a blanket online. As I can barely move for blankets and I'm rapidly knitting more, I have no idea why it called to me, but it did. It was a sort of bohemian, hippy, folk art type thing and I resisted it with a great deal of effort. The bad news is that I failed to resist the yarn. Meh. This is an encouragement for me to keep knitting. The yarn had been calling to me for a while, though, and I'm surprised that I managed to resist it this long. 

I'm taking a risk here, but I'm sharing plans. I need to get out early to pick up the fruit and salad for DH. I don't think I need much more but I was inspired by a post on The 1940s experiment about Blitz Soup. I used to make a lot of those types of soup, and I'm considering picking up a turkey leg which will roast up nicely covered in bacon and I'll have two or three meals worth of meat for me at least and then the bone for the soup. I have some veggies in the freezer and I can see what's on offer at the supermarket. Bear has no idea when he'll be out, but there are plenty of things in the freezer that he can have if he doesn't fancy turkey. He utterly rejects soup. 

Anyway after the turkey I'm going to try and concentrate on the garden between the showers that are forecast. Yesterday I took a pic of a very pretty weed in the paving stones. 

It looks so lovely and cheerful, but I'm going to be getting rid of it. I feel a little bad depriving the bees, but there are plenty of flowering weeds around. This is what the kerb outside our house looks like.

It's lovely and cheerful. 

So I hope that when I post tomorrow, I'll be barely able to move and will have some pics of a cleared garden - wish me luck!

Now I need to go away and make a shopping list. I need just enough bits and pieces to need a list but I shouldn't need more than one bag. The trick is remembering to look at the list!

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Well done resisting buying the blanket! Your handknitted blankets are probably much nicer, so, good that you bought more yarn! :D
    The Blitz Soup sounds a lot like the vegetable soups I often make, with or without the addition of chicken bones, etc. I will occasionally add some chicken bouillon powder to the soup. I don't have Marmite, but, I might consider buying a jar from the Sri Lankan store (you don't really find it in the regular American grocery stores, unless they have a special International foods section that carries British products as well).
    I love your weeds/wildflowers! One of the other bloggers I follow always ends her blog posts with the quote, "May all your weeds be wildflowers" and I think that quote applies really nicely to your weeds! They all look like wildflowers to me! :)

    1. You are so kind. I haven't got any marmite either but I may use just stock cubes or bouillon. Mind you, I'm cooking a proper turkey leg in a cassserole.

      I think some of the 'weeds' look just so pretty that it's hard to pull them up.

  2. I have so many blankets, but there are such lovely patterns! Lol. Resist, resist.

    1. It was such a boho pattern, and while I don't usually do patterns, this called to me. I'm going to have to stay off that site until I can't hear it anymore lol.