Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Bearing up

Bear has been happening.  He has finished painting the wooden train as a gift for uncle (who loves trains) and has 'cleaned up'.  The bathroom looks like an explosion in a paint factory.  He has also happened to the suncatcher he was supposed to be making for father which has proved sadly inadequate.  There is the liquid lead stuff everywhere and as bear indignantly exclaimed, 'It is supposed to be for over threes and I am nearly eight!'  This nearly fifty something had enough problems.

He has been hovering around a package that I refuse to allow him to open until Christmas, has been relentlessly deconstructing the sofa and has been suffering from acute hypochondria at the thought of actually leaving the house to visit father.  To be fair, bear has hardly been able to force himself to eat sweets, but I am not entirely convinced.

He has managed to force down some Mathesons Fridge raiders.  I was having a quick sweep of the fridge when I found a pack of three and they run out of date today.

I got the photo from the Tesco website.  I am not hugely keen on them, but as bear has been incredibly picky and I was getting desperate for something that wasn't 70% sugar I got them in.  I explained to bear that they needed using up.  Bear pulled them out of my hand.  "They expire today?  What time?"

He actually checked on the package for a time they expired and was wolfing them down so that he could finish them off before 4.15pm.  I think I need to have words with him about food expiry dates.  I mean, I am fairly cautious about chilled processed stuff but there is reason in all things.

Then bear got indigestion from cramming the fridge raiders down himself so bear managed to have a desperately dramatic howl about that and flop onto the sofa, dislodging all the cushions again.

We now have to leave the house to pick up flowers for father.  I am bracing myself.

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  1. Just popping in to wish you a fantastic Christmas with the family, and I hope bear loves all the goodies!! We are having a quieter time this year, but I am so grateful for the EFG being home again - it is great to be three again! Here's to 2015 xxx