Saturday, 13 December 2014


I really needed a lie in, I really, really needed a lie in.  Yesterday I had been barely able to move.  I have been so run down this week.  DH always gets up with bear on a Saturday, always lets me have a lie in just as he gets a lie in on Sunday if he wants.  This morning was a very necessary lie in and I was counting on it.

Bear was calling for me, not daddy, at 7.30am because he was distraught and bereft - he had dropped his pen top and couldn't find it.  He was absolutely beside himself.  I think he is really ready for the holiday.  I had a rummage under his desk and I realised that not only could I not find the dratted lid to his pen but also that I really needed to scrape down under bear's desk on a more regular basis, it was a midden.  The reason he asked for me was because he was worried that DH would be cross at the state of the floor under his desk.  To be fair to bear, DH had been a bit fed up about the state of the surface of bear's desk last night.  To be fair to DH, he is a lot softer on bear than I am, and actually found the pen top when I couldn't.

It was just as well I was up.  The shipping order from Approved Food arrived.  In a few hours the Tesco order with all the goodies in will arrive.  I may have got a little carried away.  The kitchen is going to be jammed.  I have just been pootling adding stocking fillers to the Tesco order that will come next week.  Due to the unfortunate accident when we got stuck with putting out a pillowcase, bear now expects to have a gym bag appear by Christmas morning that will hold his PE kit at school for the next twelve months.  This year I have found one that has a Dalek on.  They take more filling than I would like, but I am confident bear will be fine.

I have decided to add 'Get the Kitchen Sorted Out' to the 'Get My Self Sorted' list.  However I think the next step I need to take is to organise what I am going to do and how.  And I can do that while drinking tea and feeling virtuous.  Off to start that now.

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