Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Sort of Dingy Grey Wednesday

I avoided shopping on Black Friday with determination.  Besides, while the deals over in the states are pretty good, the deals in the UK aren't that amazing.  There are far too many tricks being pulled.  I also avoided Black Cyber Monday apart from ordering DH's present from bear, because bear had finally decided and I needed to get in there.  Even though I am such a good friend, ebay still limped slowly and I had to go back a few times.

Yesterday I picked up some perfume for father to give as a gift - 3 for 2 box sets of Impulse.  He is telling me to get all sorts.  I will just have to get on with it.  It does mean having to actually go into the actual shops, but father is worth the effort. There were plenty of deals around.

Today I was doing the shopping.  I can't find anything for DH yet.  It is quite worrying.  I just can't think.  Instead I spent best part of the morning trying to find something for DH's aunt, that I could send from Amazon with gift wrapping.  I also picked up a picture of a train for uncle, some bits for bear (that he didn't really need) and came slap up against an awful truth - I have no idea what to get father.

After today I am still even more cynical about Black Friday in the UK.  There were still plenty of good deals, offers, bargains and crazy prices.  Approved Food were even doing a White Wednesday with plenty of offers (I decided not to bother).

I need to start a list.  I will have a list for Christmas cards, a list for presents and a list of presents to buy in the January sales this year.  There are always some decent 'present' type bargains if you keep your eyes open when shops genuinely need to clear the shelves.

Right, off to try and think of something for DH.

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