Monday, 1 December 2014

Unseasonal hands

My hands are well and truly nettled.  Most people manage to avoid nettle stings in December, but I couldn't put off sorting out the garden.  I didn't actually sort out the garden in full.  It is just slightly tidier and I have a bin bag full of weeds, including some stonking, venerable, tough nettles.  Mind you, they say nettles only grow in good soil.

I've got some coir compost stuff like this that I am soaking and hoping to get onto the flower beds before the winter really sets in to let the frost work on it.  I am grubbing out the worst of the toadflax and pouring boiling water on the dandelions.

I've included a lovely sunny picture from Wiki Commons taken by Mars 2002 (link here) because it looks so much nicer than my muddy plot.

Father had Views about what should be in a garden.  I am much more haphazard.  However I don't think I will be able to resist purple tomatoes.  I need to clear the decks to do the red brussels sprouts and yellow cucumber (yes, they are real, and probably tasteless but even so...).  More realistically, I need to get things a bit tidier.

And just for the record, this from Amazon is almost designed to appeal to me.

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