Saturday, 27 December 2014

Need to get Perspective

I know lots of people are having a hard time, and I know that I am very lucky, but I'm finding things tough.

Father has been taken into hospital - in the next town.  The nursing home is on the border between the two towns and as things fell out father went to the next town.  I got the call at 7am.  I got bear up, let DH get up, cancelled our trip to visit my brother, got the bus to the next town, then another bus fifteen minutes out of town to the hospital, then I found that father had been sitting in A&E for hours and didn't have his glasses, so I got the bus back to town, then the bus to the nursing home to pick up his glasses, then I caved and got a taxi back to the hospital - £10!

Father is on oxygen, a drip to give him IV antibiotics, anti nausea drugs and to re-hydrate him and is not really in a good way, a bit out of himself.  Eventually I got three buses to get home.  I am a bit reassured about the fares as the insurance of the person that wrote our car off will pay up some of our expenses.  Tomorrow is Sunday, during the Christmas holidays.  I think it is going to have to be taxi both ways which is likely to be expensive.

It looks like father will be in for a few days.  Bear is upset and DH is stressed.  I am feeling a bit run down.  But things could be a lot worse.  I need to get upbeat, for father if nothing else.  So if my next post is gloomy, kick me!  Father is in the best place possible and I am home, warm and safe.

I hope 2015 picks up.


  1. No kicks, just gentle hugs coming your way! What a palaver for dear Father to be going through at this time, as well as for you and the family. What a shame that he has been taken further away from you, but I am glad that he is receiving the treatment that he needs. Just pace yourself with the visiting as I know that it can get very tiring. Love and prayers for you all xx

  2. Oh dear, what an awful day - I do hope thing pick up for you and yours soon.

  3. Sorry to hear that Sybil. HUgs to you.