Friday, 12 December 2014

Much as Expected

In my last post I mentioned that I find it impossible to make a decision to do something and stick to it.  I pressed post and went downstairs to do some ironing...

... and sorted out the cutlery drawer.

To be fair, it has needed doing for some time.  When father moved in with us he brought a lot of stuff from his house.  I didn't want to feel he and his stuff wasn't valued, so I put a lot of his cutlery and bits and pieces in the cutlery drawer as a sort of reassurance to him.  Today I threw out a load of rubbishy stuff, like the blunt peeler and the plastic forks that bear used when tiny as well as some frankly iffy stuff that I remembered from nearly fifty years ago and put some other perfectly good stuff that was surplus but may well be needed later in a box and put that away.

I am now going to put a note in Google calendar to remind me in six months time.  If I haven't used the items then I won't need them and I can throw them out/donate them.

Another 'must' - I need to actually use Google calendar.


  1. I am with you on that one! I have trouble sticking to any routine even though it will help me be come more organised/decluttered etc. I plan to do one thing then get distracted and do something else. I am very good at getting things done just in the nick of time but dont enjoy the stress Your account of yourself and life echos mine to a t so If you dont mind may I join you on 1st Jan.? Su