Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Shopping.

I have just been to the local shopping centre.  I am sitting and recovering.  All the stuff that is piled up.  Just piles and piles and piles of stuff that will need dusting and washing and putting away, just for the sake of giving a present.  I was looking for something for my sister in law from bear (looong story but this is definitely, absolutely definitely, the last time he gets away with farming out his present shopping on me) and I noticed that BHS had some very nice looking chilli sauces in a fancy pack.  They would be just the trick, I thought, then realised that I was looking at paying £4 each for three very small bottles of sauce, £12 in total.  The packaging may be fancy but the price of the actual oil per ml was a rip off!  And don't get me started on the mounds of fancy packaging we need to squeeze into the rubbish on Boxing Day.  All because you 'ought' to give a present.

And speaking of price per ml, I needed rum for Christmas.  I know that there will be days coming up that will definitely be improved by the addition of rum, and I will be better company for it.  And that is where the comparison labels come in, because per ml the standard Sainsburys rum was cheaper than the basics if you bought a litre - and I think that I will need a litre at least.  It really does pay to read the label!

I may get bear to make home made garlic and chilli oil for sister in law next year.  It will be considerably easier on my nerves.

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