Thursday, 4 December 2014

Timing is Everything

For once, just for once, I wanted to replace my washing machine before it went and actually trundle the old one off before it caused a crisis and a rushed buy.  Just for once.  Just for once I wanted to take my time.  I was planning to go to AO (who are marvellous and on TopCashback) and see what they had in the January sale.  I was planning to take my time.

Of course it didn't happen last night.  When I went downstairs last night to transfer bear's school uniform from the washer to the dryer all the lights on the washing machine were flashing and the door was stuck.  I did the all the obvious things.  I said some very rude words, hit the machine and turned it off at the mains.  No result.  I tried fiddling with the dials.  No result.  I stamped my foot and said some more rude words.  I am already overdrawn on my ration of rude words as it is, and this wasn't helping.

All of bear's school sweaters and trousers were in there.  I could feel a real chill going through me.  I couldn't send bear into school without his uniform - the school are very strict on that.  I managed to fossick out a pair of trousers that had slid down the back of the ironing mountain and a sweater that is a bit small but still fits.  Poor bear, going to school with inadequate uniform.  At least I had got his shirts sorted.

This morning, before the sparrows had even started coughing, I was up and on the AO website (via TopCashback, of course) with DH's credit card (for the miniscule amount of cashback on that) and buying the machine.  Here's the picture from AO of the one I am getting.  It's a Whirlpool with A+++ energy rating.  I hope it's okay.  Apparently I'm saving £159.  I wish I was saving 100% until January.

It's coming Sunday unless when I call them when their office opens I can convince them to deliver earlier, even though it will cost me more.  I've paid for the disconnection/connection/removal.

I managed to prise open the door this morning so after I drop bear after school I'll come back, mop up the rest of it, rinse out the uniform and then work on getting it dry.  Hopefully without breaking anything more.

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