Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wrapping Presents

I think I may have got a bit carried away.  Bear did get something extra at the last minute which rather blew the budget, but he has had such a rough time with lots of different things and we caved.  A week ago DH was asking if we had enough for him and did we have a 'star' present each for Christmas and birthday.  Last night I got all the presents I've stashed out.

DH watched as I brought out carrier bag after pile after box.  "I thought you were only getting a few bits" He said as he looked at the massive heap.  And they were only a few bits each grocery shop but it sort of got away from me.  There was the cute little notebook with a tiger shape on it, that was 50p, and the sun catcher kit that was £1.50, and the post it notes weren't much.  The kit to make your own rocket pack with two pop bottles was £3.50 but there was a deal where if you bought four of some little bits you got the cheapest free and there were other bits, like the geometry kit that he is almost certainly too young for.

This is the notebook I got, along with three other bits along with my Tesco delivery.  Tesco had quite a lot of nice bits in their Go Create range with the deal and I took far too much advantage, just a little bit each shop.

We spent some time dividing the spoils between the 'stocking', Christmas and Birthday.  Bear's 'stocking' is the gym bag he will use next year and is red with a Dalek on it.  It is full of glitter pens and coloured pencils with of course a puzzle book - I got quite a bit from the local lovely newsagents as well - and will keep bear stocked for the year.

I wrapped all bear's presents from 'Santa' and used nearly 32p worth of paper.  It was 8p per roll last year and they weren't small rolls.  I was quite impressed that it turned out so well.  It is quite long, and while not top quality is reasonably sturdy.  I picked up as many rolls as I could last year, I think just before New Year when Morrisons were clearing out their Christmas stuff.  I won't need to buy any more for next year.  It almost makes up for the way I have gone giddy for bear.

Of course the majority of his gifts are books.  At his age I would have been appalled to be presented with books about maths, but I am confident that bear will be thrilled.  The Book People have provided with some incredibly reasonable prices, and I know he will love them.  I am saving the Brer Rabbit collection and Beast Quest books for his birthday.  I'll be starting on his birthday wrapping on Boxing Day.  That will give me time to find the glow in the dark solar system (£3 from Wilkinsons) and the geology kit that was a bargain from ebay which I remembered last night I hadn't seen.

Father was poorly last night.  They have had a GP out for him, and while his chest is clear he is bringing up a lot of food and he was very warm indeed.  He seemed to be a bit away with it and kept asking what day it was.  I am not coping very well so I am wittering on about presents and wrapping paper and trying not to cry in front of bear.  Father will be well soon, I am sure, and DH is visiting on his way home.  We will all call in tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like you have done, and are doing, a great job Sybil xxx