Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Present Fail

I missed it.  There was a perfect present for DH on ebay and when I went to buy it, it had gone.  Darn, drat and poot!

DH is not easy to buy for.  I don't like buying clothes, he doesn't use physical books so much as he prefers audio books, and he doesn't actually want anything.  He doesn't wear cufflinks, he doesn't wear jewellery (I think he is gorgeous enough) and he doesn't shave.  I could get him alcohol, but he is fine with what he has, also father has put in a bid for that.  DH is not really a big drinker, especially now father isn't insisting.

I am fairly open about things to buy as presents.  One of bear's stocking fillers will be a pair of rubber gloves.  However while I know DH would be politely grateful for anything given to him, after the time we have all had I want to get him something all singing, all dancing with extra oooomph.

Also, I refuse to do the 'spend several hundred on something that we don't need' thing.  I mean, apart from DH not actually wanting or needing anything particularly expensive, I think he would book me into the doctors if I spent hundreds.  In one way I am completely blessed because DH would really like something that made him feel hugged.  He doesn't care about the cost, he cares about the thought.  In a very minor way this is a bit of a problem because no matter how much I think, I'm stuffed about what to get.  Ebay is not being friendly when it comes to ideas.

Also, both father and uncle have entrusted me with money to get something nice for DH.  My head hurts.

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