Monday, 8 December 2014

I have a washing machine!!!!

I am happy, I have a washing machine, it washes, I am a happy bunny.  It has been on relentlessly since it was delivered.

Also, I have been a bit thoughtful about potatoes.

I have bought in Tesco own brand potato waffles for the kids when bear has had friends for tea.  The linky is here

At the time of typing they are £1 for a box.  They would easily do us as a family two meals, or cover quite a few of bear's meals, are gluten free, very quick to prepare, and not unpleasant to eat.  The value potatoes are £1.18 for enough that will do three meals now that father isn't here (I am generous with potatoes) but take a lot more preparation and energy to cook.  If I was on a pre-pay meter I would get the waffles every time.  They do not sprout and turn green if for any reason we don't use them up, and the cardboard is waste which I can recycle, but I do not have a compost bin for the potato peelings.  There is a lot of waste with the value potatoes, I normally go for the £1.75 pack as the quality is significantly better.

I don't think I am ready to ditch potatoes completely, but I am definitely weighing up getting more of these in as a standby.

It is a bit worrying, though, that processed and pre-prepared stuff can stand so well against fresh food that hasn't been fiddled with.  I am already a fan of frozen veg, and I think I will be looking again at some of the convenience stuff.

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