Sunday, 21 December 2014

Looking on the Bright Side

Bear was discussing what he wants from Santa.  'I hope he brings a replacement Maverick nerf gun, because mine has broke.' he said airily.
Through gritted teeth I said that Santa probably didn't know about the broken Maverick, but he was bound to get some money for his Christmas and birthday and together with his pocket money he can save up for a new Maverick.
"You know what happens when it's your birthday, don't you?" DH asked jovially.
"I have to do chores." Bear said instantly.

Sigh.  Yes, when he turns eight bear will have defined chores that he is responsible for as well as keeping his room tidy.  He will be responsible for emptying the wastepaper bins in the living room and study and letting me know when he is running low on liners.

What DH was mentioning is that bear's pocket money goes up.  He gets £1 per year of his age per week, but half of that has to go straight into savings.  Soon bear will be in possession of a whole £4 per week, which I think is very generous.  Mind you, I make him save up for stuff he wants.

I really need to get bear looking on the brighter side of life.

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