Monday, 22 December 2014

Lots of Weather

There is a lot of weather.  I had the gas fire on earlier but I turned it off when I realised how the wind was rattling down the chimney.  We can stick to an electric fire for now.  To be honest, I'm just glad I don't live near tall trees.  The weather forecast is not optimistic.

My shopping sins came to haunt me.  I now have 110cm by 360cm of very fine, gauzy fabric in a sort of naive/aboriginal/cave painting print that was remarkably inexpensive.  It looks like an elderly roll end.  I clicked on 'bid' before thinking it through, thinking that because of the price it was a small piece that could look quite 'arty' if it was framed.  I officially now have no idea.  I can't hang it at the windows, my windows are the wrong size, and it is far too gauzy for cushions, and those are the two main uses I have for fabric.  I am sure I will come up with something - it is too lovely not to use.

Bear is upstairs painting a model train to give to uncle.  Bless him, bear was supposed to assemble the model but it was a bit beyond his patience.  I don't have the nerve to look at paint happening.  To be honest I don't have the nerve to see if my pvc tablecloth is surviving in the tumble drier (long story).

I think I will stay safe and not look at anything for a bit.  

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