Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Fail so Epic it's Widescreen

I was checking my stats to see if the betting site was still linking to me and what was the weird spike in views and I noticed that I had had some views of my 'To Do'.  I thought I would remind myself.

Epic Fail.  In fact we are heading past fail into such a lack of success that it has no name.  I have done so little of it.  I could cry.  However the ideas were good, and just because I haven't done them yet doesn't mean I'll never get there.  I will certainly get there quicker if I have a positive attitude.

I have no idea where to start at the moment.  Everything seems all over the place.  However bear is doing fine and DH usually has a clean shirt and the amount of mess is slowly ebbing.  It's not brilliant, and it is only marginally better, but it isn't worse.  I'm going to have a positive think.

In other news my kitchen smells of seaweed, despite never having had seaweed in the house, and a rat ran across the garden when I went out to pick up bear.

The positive attitude may need some work.  Here is a picture that makes me feel positive.

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