Wednesday 17 June 2015

I Remembered to Get a Card!

Father's Day on Sunday!

I picked up a card from bear to father, a card from me to father and a card from bear to DH.  The presents have already been organised.  However I boggled at the 'Happy Father's Day to my Godfather' card.  Apparently there is a call for them.  I may be failing at card sending - it never occurs to me to send half of the ones my newsagent stock (at very reasonable prices).

Of course there was the minor fail when I got bear's packed lunch for the school trip ready - and then realised it was tomorrow.  It could have been worse.

On the way back from visiting father I called in at Clas Ohlson.  It is a sort of cross between IKEA and Wilkinsons and I bought some necessary things plus a copper over the door hanger.  I don't need an over the door hanger.  I haven't even got a spare suitable door.  However it was inexpensive, copper and irresistible.  There was also the pack of twenty compressed cleaning cloths.  I have a weakness for compressed cloths as well as copper, and as they were next to the till I was caught.  I really don't need any more cleaning cloths, this was pure self indulgence.  I may have to self exclude.

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  1. I didn't realise Clas Ohlson had an online store, I've been and had a look, I like their stuff particularly the wire storage baskets which are reduced at the moment. I can see many uses for those.