Monday 1 June 2015

Monday Feeling

Wean - I haven't sold enough books to worry about getting the royalties from Smashwords yet.  I'm just not selling that well.  I am really pleased for you, though, and for anyone interested here is a link to Wean's blog  If I ever find anything out I will share.

Bear was incandescent that I couldn't find his jogging bottoms.  As they were getting small on him I bit the bullet and bought another pair at Matalan and dropped them off in the office.  They cost £7, which puts a monetary value on my disorganisation.  It turns out that the normal Monday PE didn't happen anyway.

The office at bear's school are lovely.  They returned my lunch money cheque.  I had paid for the half term, but apparently I am already in front by £35.  I have no idea how that happened, but I think it shows a lot about my lack of financial management.

I also have the dire rear so I can't visit father, but have managed to get bear to the barbers to get a hair cut.  I'm glad about that.  It was getting so far too long and scruffy.  Bear was not impressed but he does look better now.

So while today isn't entirely a fail, it has quite a slice of fail in it.  I'll start again tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you for the link S, the situation seems to be that the US government take one third of sales if you don't have an exemption, then there's the Smashwords fees etc., so if it isn't sorted, it's hardly worth writing in the first place.
    I sent my driving licence over to Houston, Texas, it was gone nearly three months, for identification purposes, then it was returned saying it wasn't what they wanted, I sent more stuff, still not right, it's very frustrating. The good thing is that all monies are put on hold until you can get it sorted, so that's some consolation.
    If you think our tax rules and regs are complicated, wait until you see Uncle Sam's !
    Hope you get well soon.