Friday 5 June 2015

Bear and Bananas

I have finally found out what colours bear needs to wear for his sports day - on the 12th of June.  Now we do have the weekend, and at least it is some notice, but a minimal six days before he needs to trot in wearing 'appropriate colours' for his sports day.  As he is in 'Sweden' team he needs to wear blue and yellow.  He does not have anything that is blue and yellow.  I briefly considered sending him in an IKEA bag.  We went into Matalan and got a more or less blue and yellow t-shirt.  He had better get the wear out of it!  Bear was not keen on the t-shirt.

Bear was also being very clear that he was utterly rejecting bananas.  Apparently they are radioactive.  Watching YouTube videos on science does have side effects and now we have a concern about radioactive bananas.  They are actually very faintly radioactive, like tobacco, but you need to eat around 35 million for a lethal dose, the wiki article is here.  Bear is taking no risks.  I think I may have to have a word with him about this.

When I was looking on Wiki for a banana picture (I donate to Wiki, it seems only fair) I found this

They are red bananas.  I didn't realise that bananas came in so many different varieties, none of which have ever ended up on my shopping list.  Every day is a school day, except possibly for bear as I am thinking of limiting his YouTube to Donald Duck cartoons.

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