Wednesday 10 June 2015

Thinking Inside the Box

Bear was not happy.  His best friend/greatest enemy (delete as applicable, varies between one day and the next) had cut the bits off a HUGE cardboard box that had once held an Approved Food order.  This apparently was the end of the world.

I weakened a little and got another Approved Food.  It had things we wanted in, but it was touch and go.  I probably wouldn't have bothered if it hadn't been for the box situation.

The box situation sounds far worse than it sounds.  It is one of those little niggles that take up far too much attention.  I could live with bear being a stroppy eight year old about a box but that box was supposed to be swapped for the huge, saggy lawnmower box that a vast swathe of woollens arrived in from eBay.  Bear had been using it for a den but DH had done a deal where we could lose the huge lump of cardboard that was disintegrating all over bear's bedroom and instead have the slightly more intact huge lump of cardboard with the castle windows drawn on it.

The Approved Food order arrived today, and the box was a small one.  I hadn't ordered enough.  What was worse, the stuff I put in as a treat for DH wasn't in either.  The pennies are credited to my account but that isn't the point.

I've had a quick look at the Approved Food site.  There is nothing I want.  Poor bear is going to have to wait for his replacement box.  I'll have a quick word when I'm in the local shops but I don't think they have the big size that bear is coveting.  He will get over it.

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