Thursday 18 June 2015

Cat versus Magpie

I saw a large cat being menaced by two magpies this morning.  The cat had been watching a particular place in the verge so I wonder if he was menacing a fallen magpie chick or whether he had seen a spider disappear there three weeks ago and was wondering if it had come back.  The cat looked supremely indifferent to the magpies, but I wasn't betting against them.  They didn't have the cat cornered and it was the cat that widdled on my window a few days ago so I left them to it.  I know that DH's late grandmother's cat got cornered by magpies and got quite badly hurt.

My stats on the blog are odd.  I keep getting hits for posts that happened a long time ago, and one from May 3rd had this picture.

The same bush now looks like this

It feels good to feel Summer

Wean - I think that Clas Ohlson could be a new friend.  I'm looking at their stuff and it rocks

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