Friday 26 June 2015

Bear is Clear

I didn't realise how relatively close we were to Mother Shipton's Cave.  I went years ago when I was perhaps younger than bear, but I lived in a different part of the country.  I was telling bear all about the cave and the way things hung in the water would turn to stone - even teddy bears and it would be stone right through!  Bear was fascinated.  Then I mentioned that it was a relatively short drive.

"I'm not going." Bear said firmly.

Bear has also advised me that his school shoes are now too small.  He breaks up from school on 21 July.  If he gets shoes this weekend he will scrape maybe three and half weeks' wear out of them - and at £40 for school shoes that is around £10 a week.  I don't believe that they will be fit for September.

But this is the first time bear has actually mentioned that his shoes are too tight.  Normally I have to just guess.  I was looking at his shoes yesterday and thinking I was glad it was coming to the end of term.  They look like he has been working in a quarry - and not a clean one!

I wonder if I could get away with some assertively black trainers for the last few weeks.  I shall study the shoes in the playground and see whether it is worth the risk.

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