Tuesday 16 June 2015

How Many!?!?

Bear is happily working his way through the Beast Quest series.  They are aimed at young male readers of bear's age or a bit older.  We have worked our way through the first chapters of Book 1, Ferno the Fire Dragon, as the bedtime read with bear reading for a change.  Bear has read through the first six on his own.

It sounds impressive, but he has read the first six out of over a hundred of the dratted things.  There are 86 in the fifteen Beast Quest series.  There's another fifteen 'specials', three choose your own adventure books, four 'Chronicles of Aventia and three 'Battle of the Beasts'.  Then there are sixteen Sea Quest books, four Sea Quest 'specials', a 'Complete Book of Beasts' and an Adventurer's Handbook.  That's 133 not including Annuals and sticker books.  The only blessing is that it hasn't yet been made into a cartoon.  To be honest, I'm quite glad that suddenly I have some inspiration for when Christmas and bear's birthday roll around again.

There is a website, which has a lot of fun stuff and bear could sign up for a newsletter.  The most wonderful thing about that is that to sign up you have to include your parent's email address as well.  I really appreciate that touch.

They seem great, age appropriate, fast paced tales of adventure.  I got the first eighteen in an awesome deal from The Book People a few years ago, and it is really working now for bear.  It is also the start of strategic negotiations about who buys the next installment of the collection.  I may delegate that one to DH.

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