Friday 12 June 2015

Leaving it to the Last Minute

It's my fault.

Okay, bear did wait until all the local shops were shut last night before telling me that he needed to wear sun cream today.  But that is normal and thankfully I did have some in the cupboard, unopened from last year.  Bear has a slight tan, and I'm not sure if that makes me a good mother or a bad mother.  I just give a good scrub to make sure it's not dirt and keep my head down.

I didn't check that the shorts he was planning to wear to the sports day were okay.  I mean, they were shorts, they were new and they were about the right length - not too far above the knee, plenty of room for running.  What I didn't realise until 8.30 this morning is that, because bear is a skinny soul and there is more meat on a butcher's pencil, the shorts hung off him.  The apparent drawstring was only apparent as well.  The 'drawstring' was just two small bits of tape sewn to the front.

Now, given time and an absence of bear giving me a full explanation of why this is inadequate, I could snip into the waistband and try and shorten the elastic.  I wasn't going to try that with twenty five minutes to go and a complete lack of skill.  Bear insisted he was going to wear his jogging bottoms.  I suggested shorts and safety pins.  Bear was adamant - jogging bottoms or nothing.

The weather forecast is for warm weather.  The jogging bottoms are thick.  They are also about two inches too small for my taste and are definitely going to the clothes bank on the next run.

Reluctantly I let him wear the jogging bottoms, sent him in slathered in sun cream and told him to change in to the shorts in his PE kit if he felt warm.  I'm wishing I had stuck to shorts and safety pins.

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