Monday 29 June 2015

Darn it to Heck

The freezer door won't shut.

I've been after a new freezer for a while.  This one is eight years old, which is apparently old for a freezer.  I find this hard.  The fridge freezer we got with our wedding present money was over fifteen years old when we got rid and the only reason we changed it was because I wanted more freezer space so got a HUGE upright freezer and a larder fridge.

If I prop a heavy bag against the door then it will probably be okay.  However I know that the freezer door has come open at least four times over the weekend, and was definitely open from Sunday afternoon (bear raiding freezer pops) and 3.30pm today (bear raiding freezer pops).  This begs the question of how safe the stuff in the freezer is.

I think the timing, waiting until the hottest week of the year before having a fail, is worthy of respect.  I'm still not impressed.

We don't need a freezer.  In fact I can make a good argument for hanging fire for a few months.  I've just had a look at (who rock, their customer service is up there with Lakeland and they are competively priced).  I whimpered at the cost.

I've looked at replacing a freezer seal and it looks beyond my skills.  As the trays are also iffy and I suspect it is on borrowed time anyway I am not sure it is worth the attempt.  Also I may finally be able to get a frost free model.

But darn.

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