Thursday 4 June 2015

Bear is Doing Fine

Bear is doing okay.  He is currently ninety percent leg and sprawled watching a YouTube video about the world's ten most dangerous chemicals.

He is still being bear.  I told him that we were having baked potatoes for dinner.  Bear utterly rejected this.  I was told that as he had had baked potatoes for lunch he couldn't possibly manage baked potatoes for dinner.  I'm putting the potatoes in the remoska in about ten minutes.  I'm sure we'll all survive.

It could be worse.  Bear goes to a maths tutor as a treat.  She is really careful not to go beyond what he is doing at school but wants to challenge him.  She was teaching him to play cards - DH calls it pontoon, I've heard of it as vingt et un, and I think it is played in casinos.  The tutor was explaining how to work out the percentages of getting the right card.  DH has already shown bear how to palm a card (though his hands are a bit small for standard cards at the moment).  

I'm not worried about bear getting in to too much trouble.  He is born cautious.  I do wonder at the selection of chat up lines he will have available

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