Tuesday 13 February 2018

I Forgot the Pancakes

I forgot to pick up pancakes, and I certainly forgot all about making them.  No-one complained so I may just make them a day late.

I didn't go out today but I will have to go out tomorrow.  I paid extra for the post office passport checking service.  Apparently when I asked if they needed my birth certificate and the lady said 'no', she should have said 'yes'.  I was so grateful that a very nice lady in the passport office rang up and asked me to send it.  I've dug out the birth certificate (which I had with me in the post office ready to send) and I will be sending it by the fastest and most registered way tomorrow.

Otherwise it has been a very quiet day with bear explaining video games to me.  I still don't have an idea, but he enjoyed explaining and I enjoyed his enthusiasm. 

Bear and I have been working through the Bergomot and Nettle tealights - rather like this but on a slightly better offer.  The room now smells pleasantly green.  I suspect that they are an acquired taste, but bear and I approve.  Next week I have a number of trips planned (though I'm not sure I'll manage all of them) and I plan to raid Home Sense as the Christmas candles should be coming into the bargain shops and I will be keeping my eye out for more of them. 

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