Sunday, 4 February 2018

Thank You

Thank you for the advice and support.  There are some amazing people out there and I am lucky that some of them read my blog.  Thank you!

Today I finished off the last of the current bottle of brandy.  I don't intend on buying any more.  To keep myself honest, I'll post here when I drink but I'm not going to make a big thing of it.  Also, to be clear, I only ever drink when bear is safely tucked in bed, soundly asleep and DH is able to look after him in a crisis.  When all is said and done, it's always all about bear.

I didn't get far today.  I got maybe a few miles only, but I went to see Jumanji.  I love seeing a good film at the cinema, and it doesn't appeal the same way to bear or DH.  Bear is quite clear, he does not do cinema and he would rather wait for the dvd, thank you so much.  I loved the film.  I thought there were some amazing and understated acting performances and I plan to get the dvd when it comes out.  Bear would not have tolerated it.  There were a couple of cringy teenage kisses and bear does not do kisses.  Bear has Views. 

I've decided that tomorrow is a knitting day.  Looking back over my track record that means that it's unlikely that any knitting will happen but who knows.  For once I may stick to a plan.  I was on eBay and under the influence last night, and bear will be getting several shirts.  I will be getting a knitted hat kit that was actually very reasonable, but I want to try and clear some of my outstanding projects. 

Bear has taken to milkshake.  This is quite interesting as milk can upset his stomach.  However by taking things steady and being sensible he is getting through litres of semi skimmed milk.  It may be via these sippy straws, where you suck up the milk through flavoured granules, but I'll take it.  DH checked and they're around 24 calories each, which while it includes additives also includes protein, vitamin D and calcium.  It's a trade that I'm willing to take. 

Bear is weirdly picky about food, often complains that something will upset his stomach and is more likely to skip meals than over eat.  I'm keeping an eye on him. 


  1. Hi Sybil - I have missed a few posts recently so didn't know about your affair with the bottle LOL! I thought it was quite a skill to be able to write poetry whilst under the influence!!
    As for your anxiety as good as the alcohol may seem at the time it will possibly not help in the long run - finding the root cause of the anxiety would be a start. if you can't face counselling there are some self help methods available. There was an excellent one on You Tube that helps to unravel anxiety - I will see if I can find it again and send you the link by email if you are interested. In the meantime practising Meditation is supposed to be the number one best method of helping anxiety and depression - even better than anti depressants - have you tried a meditation tape - it puts your body into a state where it can start to heal itself.
    Hope you get to do some knitting. x

  2. I'm with Bear when it comes to the cinema. I'd rather wait for the DVD. I must admit a lot of my preference comes from the fact that I sometimes find people really irritating. I find it annoying to see in the cinema trying to watch a film while people are chatting, munching or playing on their phones lol.