Thursday 8 February 2018

Sort of Busy

It's not really busy, not like people who actually work for a living, but I've been kept moving.  The very nice man came to have a look at what I thought was an iffy door frame in the kitchen and it turned out to be iffy trim, so instead I got a quote to replace the extremely badly fitted window in the junk room. 

Then I got a haircut.  It was a little aggressive, but I ended up with shorter hair and that's all I ask for these days.  I still have some snips of hair stuck in the back of my throat and it is driving me nuts.  It meant that I had nice hair when I went into town to get passport photos taken as I need a passport really to make it easy to get my provisional driving licence so that I can learn to drive and so drive bear to school which is fifteen minutes in the car, an hour on the bus and so probably important. 

Then I made a call about the mortgage which is coming to the end of its fixed term and that was bewildering.  I know a little about mortgages, such as the importance of paying them, but I'm not very clued up and the people on the other end of the phone, while lovely, kept assuming that I knew what they were talking about. 

Then I had to grovel to the school as I had completely forgotten about the books that bear would like for his SATS revision (it's driving me crazy and the test isn't until May) and I had to sort the money out for that. 

Then bear managed to spill half a small glass of milk that seemed to cover most of his desk, under his computer keyboard, his mousemat, his shoes, large amounts of paper and pens and half a yard of carpet. 

I'm still working out how to use the new cooker but I managed to successfully use a pan and then settled down after bear's bedtime and finished off the latest instalment of 'At the Sign of the White Hart' here, or the story from the beginning here

Now I am going to get off and sort out the money for the books and the money for the sweet shop they are holding at school to raise funds to repair the storm damage. 


  1. On the subject of counseling that you mentioned a few days ao my beloved was recommended to try it.
    He didn't think it was for him, he didn't want to talk about what was bothering him.
    I persuaded him to try the first of six sessions. He went, assuring me that it was a waste of time.
    He did attend all six sessions all the time assuring me that he wouldn't go to the next session as it was doing nothing for him.
    It actually did him the world of good though he won't admit it. Most of all it instilled in him an ethos of understanding that he can't change people, he can only change his attitude to them.

  2. Sounds like a busy day and you got a lot done! Congrats on taking the really BIG decision to learn to drive. I didn't learn until I was 30. I hate taking tests. They terrify me. But I did it! It makes such a big difference. Now if only I wasn't too chicken to drive in the snow.