Monday 12 February 2018

Out Again!

I don't know what's happening, but I was out again.  I drank again for the first time last night and I hit hard so I wasn't feeling like a ray of sunshine.  Regardless, bear had an appointment with the dentist and so off we went.

The dentist we go to is in Harehills.  We don't live anywhere near Harehills but the bus route is easier than nearer dentists.  Harehills is one of the least salubrious places in Leeds.  It is not respectable at all.  Bear did not approve of us going there.  As with many deprived areas, an effort has been made to brighten up the place but what effect this psychedelic bunny would have on someone already on drugs is anyone's guess.

Bear has the start of a cavity but it's in a baby tooth.  Bear's teeth have been very slow to come through, so at least his adult tooth was spared.  The dentist decided to leave it for now, and I was grateful.  I was unsurprised as bear can be very creative when it comes to avoiding brushing his teeth and does not spare either sweeties or fruit.

The latest from 'At the Sign of the White Hart' is up here and the story from the beginning is here.  I had far too much fun writing it.  I hope it cheers people up. 

Barb from Canada - I am definitely going to try that! 

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