Sunday 18 February 2018

Win Some, Lose Some

I didn't manage to get out yesterday which was a real shame.  I would have loved to have seen the art show.  I've seen some of the stuff and it is amazing!  However there were some compensations.  I managed to get at least a little further towards a kitchen fit for purpose - in five minute bursts.  My back muscles keep going into something like cramp, which hurts and the only painkiller I can currently take gives me major heartburn so I'm getting by.  I've also finished a hat

All I need now is the courage to wear it in public.  I bought  a kit from my friend eBay but I may try and replicate the pattern at some point. 

I've also finished the latest instalment of 'At the Sign of the White Hart' here and the story from the beginning is here

Did I mention, you lot are awesome.  I am sorry, I feel like I have let you down after all the encouragement, but I do appreciate it all.  Thank you. 


  1. Hi Sybil - that looks like a great hat for this cold weather we are having up here. I must confess I only wear one when I am in the garden up at the cottage out of view! I must also confess I have not downloaded your book yet that you sent the link for - we will be going up to the cottage for a few days soon so I will be trying again to set aside some reading time. I would have loved to see that Art show too - not sure where my time is disappearing too at the moment - possibly something to do with the fact that I am co-ordinating 4 Legal Aid audits at work at the moment and I am feeling so tired with it all. Take care x

  2. I also suffer from lower back and hip pain...mine is from osteoarthritis..not much cartilage left in my lower back. I found that doing gentle pilates (I took a class for a brief time to learn the moves) and keeping somewhat active has helped. Also I do the MELT method excercises which are amazing. Most of my troubles are from sitting at work for over 30 years and the arthritis, which seems to be hereditary. Take care
    Barb from Canada

  3. So sorry you're having back spasms. Rather than using pain killers I would recommend some back massage to try and put back in place whatever muscles are out of alignment. If you were here, I'd be dosing you with crampbark tincture which deals superbly with all muscle spasms plus some comfrey and St John's wort massage oil to rub over the affected area. There is a Neal's Yard in Leeds with qualified herbalists practicing from there who also do massage. The Russian lady is particularly good.

  4. Sorry about the back. I can definitely symathise right now. It can get you down when it's painful to move about. I never had back problems before this but I'm putting off going to the doctors (that's a story in itself). The hat looks wonderful. I was a bit iffy about wearing my knitted hat in public but it's so darn cold here I gave in. Daughter saw me wearing it when I visited her and wanted one of her own!

  5. Sorry to hear about your back! Hope you can find some relief for it. Your knitted hat is cute! I hope you'll wear it. I've knitted and worn hats like that and nobody has said anything.