Saturday, 10 February 2018

I Went Out Again!

I'm getting a gadabout! 

Today I went into Leeds.  I want to get a passport to make it easy to get a provisional driving licence to learn to drive to take bear to school when it would be around twenty minutes each way in the car and over an hour on the bus.  There have been issues with the pictures, so today I took it all in again and hopefully will here soon.  I used the passport checker, and they seemed to think that there would be no trouble. 

I also had another go with the thing where you get money back by scanning your receipts.  I'm not entirely convinced, but if it's stuff that I'm going to get anyway then I may as well go for it. I picked up a few bits in Sainsburys and then I came home. 

Perhaps it's just as well that I came more or less straight home as there is an axe man wandering around one of the Leeds Universities, though, according to the Daily Mirror, he only used the axe to steal a bike. 


  1. Yikes. That's pretty scary news!

    Sorry about the passport photos. To renew my passport I have to send everything to Washington and the last time I renewed my photos were rejected. They were pretty strict about not smiling, shadows, glasses, just about everything. I remember being in a terrible panic as I was getting ready to fly home to visit Mum. Luckily when I resubmitted the photos they were accepted and the passport was given to me pretty promptly after that. Phew. Not looking forward when I have to renew again!

  2. Well done on going out! I stayed home, all day, today!

  3. Well done for getting out again! I read the latest installment of your book and it was fabulous. I was having quite a bad day and it cheered me up no end. I got totally involved in it and cheered at the end after the big rescue :) love fluffy