Friday 9 February 2018

So That was Friday

It's been a meh sort of day.  I managed to get out of the house first thing as bear has suddenly decided to get through vast amounts of milk.  He only got through around a pint today.  Yesterday when he and his pal both tucked into cereal and those milkshake straws they got through two litres and left me without any milk at all.  I'm taking the view that there are worse things and nipped out to the Nisa to pick up supplies so bear could have a decent breakfast before school.  There are also better things and I need to stock up on fruit.  I also got through a huge heap of paperwork.  There was a stack of letters that had built up and I got through it all, shredding lots and lots of statements. 

Apart from that I haven't managed much.  I've finally decided to knit the hat kit that I picked up from one of my less sober visits to eBay (haven't had a drink all week).  It's a kit from the 'Art of Knitting' and I'm glad I never subscribed.  It's not a bad hat but the pattern isn't helpful to a beginner.  It tells you that you need particular needles (4.5mm and 5mm) and sets out a very basic pattern but it doesn't tell you about the yarn which is supplied.  As far as I can see it is an aran weight, or possibly between DK and aran.  This means that you may have the pattern but it would be a challenge to repeat it unless you were willing to take some guesses and knit a lot of tension squares.  I hope to finish it this weekend as my head gets cold when I am out and the weather forecast isn't good. 

Hester - counselling is a really useful tool for a lot of people and I'm not ruling it out for me permanently.  I know it can really open new ways of thinking and give a positive boost in all sorts of ways.  I've had experience of a few different counsellors.  One was somewhat predatory, one left me hysterical and traumatised after every lesson (great when you're taking a bus home, trying not to sob too loudly) and one (who was actually very good in lots of ways) felt that perhaps I should take a course of action that I didn't feel comfortable taking.  She was an amazing person, and I think I may have continued a little longer as she wasn't particularly pushy but then bear was born and it was too far to travel.  I would still consider counselling at perhaps another time or in other circumstances as it can be so helpful, but not right now.  I'm really grateful that you took the time to suggest it.  I'm considering meditation but I'm actually feeling quite chilled after knitting some hat and listening to a podcast on the fall of the Roman Empire.  I'll take it as a win. 

btw I posted another poem based on the picture here.  Personally I think the picture is the best part, but for anyone interested, the poem is here.  And I wrote it sober. 


  1. Sounds like you got some things done today! I've found that listening to something positive helps or something that makes me laugh. I can't see myself doing counselling. Son did it for a while when he was in school and really depressed and it helped. It's so expensive here. This time when he was feeling really depressed he talked to me and a couple of friends. He is still looking into the counselling angle as he thinks it would do him good to talk to someone he doesn't know about certain things. I hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Ye God's Sybil, no counselor should behave like the first two did, I can see why it would put you off.