Thursday 15 February 2018

I Made 'Some' Dinner

Last night I was going to do Morrocan Lamb.  I wasn't sure about the recipe because I had half remembered it and couldn't find the one I liked, but I had got some apricots in and thought I could go with it.  I was planning on making it the night before but failed and the lamb went off.  So I cut up a couple of chicken breasts and put them in a plastic food bag.  Then I added around a tablespoon of flour (gluten free here), plus 'some' turmeric, cinnamon, mixed spice and cumin and shook the bag until the chicken was well coated.  After that I browned it with 'some' onions and 'lots of' garlic, added a tin of chopped tomatoes and let it simmer.  It took a few attempts to get it simmering as I'm still getting used to the hob, but it worked. 

Bear is refusing chicken that isn't breaded and treated the chicken with complete disdain so he had a couple of sausages with his rice and peas.  He is getting extremely picky.  I am desperate for him to get some nutrition into him but it's getting close to the 'eat it or go hungry' line.  There's been some genuine stomach issues which have lead to some incredibly annoying eating habits.  I am tearing my hair out.  DH practically inhaled the chicken and I thought it tasted very pleasant indeed.  Next time I may add ginger and perhaps some chilli.  I didn't make it to the post office, I'll make another attempt today. 

Last night I had nightmares about my dining room being infested with undead spiders.  I think my subconscious is telling me something so now I'm off to give it a good clear out. 


  1. Sounds yummy. I was surprised that my picky eater grew up willing to try lots of new foods. When my kids were growing up I was of the mind that if they had to at least try something. It was okay not to like it and they could have a sandwich instead, but they had to try something. I never made them eat it. I remember being made to eat things I didn't like and I still won't eat them lol.

  2. I was always the picky eater in my family! I still am! My daughter, on the other hand, will try anything!